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How Are Children Tested For Autism? It’s A Complex Process

    Human beings fall along a spectrum of neurodiversity, and for that reason, many experts no longer consider autism spectrum disorder (ASD) the developmental tragedy depicted in ’90s televisio n and Lifetime movies. In fact, falling somewhere along that spectrum can be a pretty amazing sign of individuality and difference. That said, children with…
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How Learning A Second Language Could Benefit Kids With Autism, According To New Study

Learning to speak a second language has a certain cache to it, doesn’t it? Makes you feel a little more worldly, a little more cosmopolitan. Research has been done over the years on how learning a second language can help boost brain power, not to mention help secure employment in some cases. But until recently,…
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New dynamic statistical model follows gene expressions over time

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a new dynamic statistical model to visualize changing patterns in networks, including gene expression during developmental periods of the brain. Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the model now gives researchers a tool that extends past observing static networks at a single snapshot in time,…
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Social robot could help autistic adults find work

  Alyx was designed to help adults with autism recognize social cues – a vital skill in the workplace. Unemployment rates among autistic adults is high – only around 16 percent are in full-time paid work. Researchers in Scotland believe Alyx could help improve that statistic. During a session with Alyx, autistic adults complete a…
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Study shows interventions, though few, can be effective for students with high-functioning autism

  LAWRENCE — Across the country, more and more young people are being diagnosed as with autism spectrum disorder, including those with high-functioning autism. Yet there is little research into how to help educators serve students with high-functioning autism, especially adolescents in middle and high school settings. New research from the University of Kansas shows…
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Vitamin D Deficiency Can Hike Autism Risk: Study

If your child is suffering from autism then there is a possibility that the child has faced the deficiency of Vitamin D at a tender age. Recently a study has proved the fact that at the time of birth, lack of Vitamin D increases the risk of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) by the age of three. The research…
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Autism Affects Reactions To Human Smell, New Research Finds

Studies have already shown that Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects the way a person sees and hears the world around them. Now, researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel have discovered that individuals with ASD interpret smells (specifically those of human odor) differently from others. The paper was published in the journal Nature Neuroscience earlier this week. True, a human’s sense…
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Risk of autism dangerously high for couples who rush second pregnancy

  Researcher recommend women wait at least 18 months before trying to have another baby. A new study warns couples rushing to get pregnant within two years of giving birth have a higher chance of having a child with autism. US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states the risk is 50% higher, according to a report…
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Ways a New Smartwatch Makes Caring for an Autistic Loved One Easier

  PinPoint Technologies, Inc. is a smartwatch start-up based out of Detroit, Michigan, that has made it a goal to help the autism community. It was founded by its chief operating officer, Quincy Hyatt, a Detroit native. Quincy, who has a sister with special needs, knows all too well what families affected by autism experience…
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Brain Power Releases First Augmented Reality Smartglasses to Help People with Autism Increase Social, School, and Job Success

Brain Power, the developer of neuroscience-based augmented reality, launched the Empower Me™ system for autism today. Empower Me is a digital coach that runs on smartglasses, to empower children and adults with autism to teach themselves social and cognitive skills toward happy self-sufficiency. Empower Me runs on Google Glass, including the newly released Glass Enterprise Edition,…
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