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Month: March 2018

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Researchers Identify Novel Potential Biomarkers for Autism

Published in Molecular Autism, new study data indicated a strong diagnostic association between autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and certain plasma and renal biomarkers. In the plasma protein of patients with ASD, investigators identified an increase in certain advanced glycation end products (AGEs), an increase in oxidation damage marker dityrosine (DT), and a decrease in 3-deoxyglucosone-derived hydroimidazolone (3DG-H). The…
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Understanding The Origins Of Autism And Associated Sensory Processing Disorders

The origins of autism continue to remain mysterious. However, researchers are continuing their tireless work to understand which areas of the brain are involved and in what way the first signs of the condition appears. The latest findings bring us closer to understanding the pathology of the condition as well as understanding the point where…
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New instrument could assess effects of behavioral treatments

  A new questionnaire assesses the frequency and severity of various behaviors in children with autism and could help scientists determine the effectiveness of behavioral therapies1. Diagnostic tests for autism generally rule the condition in or out. When tests offer separate ratings for behaviors such as poor social skills or communication difficulties, the purpose is…
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Gene responsible for autism identified

Scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have identified a gene that is responsible for neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism, an advance that may pave the way for developing treatments. The findings showed that alterations of the gene thousand and one amino-acid kinase 2, known as TAOK2, plays a direct role in these disorders. TAOK2 is located in…
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Researchers Are Hopeful About Urine And Blood Sample Tests For An Earlier Autism Diagnosis

Autism is a developmental disorder that not only alters the social behavior of a person but also causes a wide range of other behavioral complexities. Other behavioral complexities include but are not limited to, repetitive and monotonous behaviors, speech disturbances, anxiety, and difficulties in adapting to new environments. At times, diagnosis is seen to take…
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