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Behavior Education Services, provider of ABA services

BEST will be happy to assist your family!

We understand the importance of behavior management and parent involvement towards meeting your therapy goals.

Our evidence based programs are individualized to meet your child’s communication, self-help, social skills, and overall comprehensive needs.

Our services:

PEG (Parent Education Group Instruction)

Parents will learn additional information about their child's diagnosis, its effect on learning various skills such as, motor, communication, social and emotional development. Parents will learn about their child’s unique style of learning and will be provided with the tools to manage maladaptive behaviors and continue skill acquisition at home.

FBA (Functional Behavior Assessment)

FBA comprises different procedures to identify the functions of specific behaviors for individuals with developmental disorders. This diagnosis will help develop individualized behavioral interventions that address behavior challenges.

Intensive Applied Behavior Analysis (IABA)

IABA is used to help children replace their challenging behaviors with more socially appropriate ones. Each treatment plan is developed to meet the child’s individual needs. Included in IABA is intensive parent training that enables parents to maximize their children's potential and shape appropriate communication and coping skills.


Discrete Trial Training is a model of teaching in small & sequential learning units. All training sessions use the principles of prompting and reinforcement.
Natural Environment Training is a language training model in which children learn new skills in structured settings that are largely determined by their motivation. NET complements DTT instruction during sessions.

Adaptive Skills Training (AST)

AST assists children to improve their leisure, social and self-help skills to gain independence in their daily life across the home and community settings.

In-Home Parent Training (IHPT)

IHPT is designed to train and coach parents in the behavior management plan that meets their child’s behavioral needs.

Methods we use:

➤ Reinforcement

This method is an important part of effective therapies for children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Through reinforcement strategies, appropriate skill behaviors are increased in frequency across different situations.

➤ Prompting strategies

These effective teaching tools are widespread for therapy sessions. Therapists use words, gestures, guidance and other ways to increase the likelihood of correct responding.

 Social Stories

Social Stories are useful to improve social skills of children. This method of instruction is conveyed in written and visual forms.

➤ The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

PECS is an iconic communication tool that facilitates the child’s expression of desires and needs.

Parent Consulting & Education

Parenting training is an essential component of all above-mentioned treatments. Parents are trained in how to identify the functions of behaviors. Additionally, parents are taught and coached on implementation of teaching and reinforcement strategies that will make appropriate behaviors long-lasting.

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